Jackeline Soria. 18. I love going out and having fun. Family over everything. My heart belongs to Cesar Marquez. I'm very friendly, proud to be mexican-American. Jalpa, Zacatecas & Agua Rica, Jalisco. Any questions inbox me!


Kylie Jenner’s lips are getting out of control


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niggas:i want a bad bitch wit a 22 inch waist! she gotta have long hair too! no weave! i need her to be mixed wit something too! can't have my babies comin out all dark and crispy bruh! she gotta have a huge fat ass and she can't love herself too much! she also can't expect me to take her ass out anywhere because i ain't buying that bitch shit! i ain't tryna have a hoe take all my fucking money! fuck i look like?!!! money ova bitches! my niggas over any hoe! ball is life! that hoe betta know how to cook something too! can't have a nigga starving and shit. she betta know how to throw dat ass back in the bedroom too! i want a bitch that's gone suck me up for hours and hours but ima lick her pussy for like 6 seconds to get her a lil wet so i can put my dick in it hahahaha! oh and she better shave that shit too! nigga can't deal wit no hair all up in my mouth! but she better lick these hairy ass balls tho! hahahahahahaha ball is life! BALL IS LIFE!!!! okay bye finna send everyone on twitta dot com a link to my mix tape and annoy the fuck out of everybody and play ball wit my niggas! bye ya'll. peace. BALL IS LIFE.
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These hit the blunts tweets πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’€

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Eden Bridals

Wow.. new favorite brandΒ 

6 days ago
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